The Green Party is made up of a wide range of individuals who volunteer their time to support various projects. These projects span campaigning against fracking to promoting cycling, campaigning for nuclear disarmament to lobbying for a memorial to the Peterloo Massacre. But what they all have in common is a vision for a better world.

We are immensely proud of the effort our members make within their local communities and the support they offer campaigns that have a global reach and impact. Here are just a few of the causes that our local Manchester Green Party Members are supporting now.


The Green Party has made its stance on fracking very clear: it makes no climate sense. While fracking continues, it keeps us hooked on fossil fuels that are fast running out and diverts our attention from other sustainable energy resources.

Our members have actively supported anti-fracking campaigners around the UK, going from site to site and protesting regularly. With more locations now under threat, our members are making a concerted effort to defend their local areas by raising money, helping to rally protesters and keeping morale high.

Promoting Cycling and Other Sustainable Transport Methods

Many of our members are involved with a range of schemes that all aim to promote cycling and other sustainable means of transport. The campaigns our members are currently supporting include:

  • Love Your Bike - a campaign by Friends of the Earth, Manchester

  • Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign - a Manchester-based campaign aiming to encourage more people to cycle for transport and for leisure

  • Sustrans - a charity working to empower people to choose to walk or cycle with safer routes and access

  • Friends of the Fallowfield Loop - a group supporting the longest urban cycleway in the UK

  • Cycling UK - a group that campaigns for safer roads, better infrastructure and legal protection for all cyclists

Nuclear Disarmament

Some members of the Green Party are also members of the CND (the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament). This group campaigns for the elimination of nuclear weapons, an end to illegal, interventionist wars and the closure of the nuclear power industry.

Again, the Green Party and its member are clear that other sustainable energy sources should be promoted well above nuclear power stations.

Peterloo Memorial Campaign

Remembering the Peterloo Massacre through a respectful, informative and permanent memorial has been a key issue for many Green Party Members this year. The Peterloo Memorial Campaign has worked hard to raise awareness by hosting commemoration events.

Manchester City Council have now committed to a permanent memorial which will be displayed in St Peter’s Square. Council Leader Richard Leese announced that Jeremy Deller, Turner Prize winner, has been invited to work on a Peterloo Memorial.

Manchester Amnesty International Group

Amnesty International is a champion of human rights and many of our members support the campaigns of the Manchester branch with a range of fundraising and awareness events. Our members have been involved in a diverse range of activities including: concerts, comedy nights, greeting cards campaigns, information stalls, local events, and a yearly street collection.

The case work at the Manchester branch currently includes the human rights activist and blogger, Ahmed Mansoor, who has recently been sentenced to 10 years in prison and the human rights lawyer Mohamed al-Roken, both of whom are in the UAE.

Human rights is a central notion in the policy of the Green Party and it is great to see our members being so active in this particular area.


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