Dick Venes for Levenshulme

Dick Venes portraitDick Venes is the Green Party's prospective candidate for Levenshulme.

He is 63 years old and has lived in Manchester for over 40 years in the Levenshulme ward with his partner Ruth. His main career was as a technical brewer at various breweries in the area, latterly at Joseph Holts. After 25 years in the brewing business he made a career change and became a self-employed environmental management consultant, following a year back at Manchester University.

Dick has always been involved in community organisations, including spells on the committees of hockey clubs, as an active supporter of the development charity Practical Action (Intermediate Technology), as a campaigner with the Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign and a founder member and current Treasurer of the Friends of the Fallowfield Loop.

Dick says: "I joined the Green Party in early 2012, as I concluded after years of campaigning on assorted 'green' issues with the Council that the environmental groups in the city would only start to make real progress if we had a more overtly political 'voice', which I think the Green Party can provide. I think it's important that we maximise the 'green' vote to demonstrate to the Labour group controlling the Council that there are a significant number of citizens who do not agree with their idea that economic growth on the current model is sustainable for future generations, either here or globally."

His personal policy areas of interest are:

  • Sustainability — focusing on local employment, businesses and food production
  • Transport — the Council's economic model ignores the sustainability aim of reducing the need to travel
  • Public Health — now a Local Authority responsibility rather than the NHS

Dick is currently the Secretary of Manchester Green Party, and may be contacted by phone on 0161 224 3843 or by e-mail to secretary(at)manchestergreenparty.org.uk.