You are Welcome Meal: A Reflection

3 December 2015

On Saturday Manchester Green party hosted a fundraising event for Manchester Migrant Solidarity. Despite the late venue change the night was very well attended and raised a substantial amount of funds for Manchester Migrant Solidarity (Manchester MiSol). Many thanks to all those got involved in organising the event. And thanks also to those who participated, listened and donated. 

Sadly, our government have voted for taking military action on Daesh and air strikes have already happened. Therefore, it seems a good moment to reflect on Saturday's event and the issues it dealt with. Including how we can help those in the UK due to military interventions in their own countries.
Many who shared their stories touched on the problem of using Azure Cards. This is a voucher system used to ensure those seeking asylum only have vouchers to purchase items from a specific supermarket. An immediate way of helping is to participate in a partnership scheme whereby people can go shopping with the voucher holder using the voucher on what they (the volunteer) might normally buy. Then the cash value can be given to back as cash is often more use to them. People need to contact MiSol directly to partner up but this is certainly a simple and direct way of helping. 
For anyone who couldn't make the event, and would like to donate, please use details below:

Account Holder Name: African Rainbow Family (please reference MISOL in all your payments).

Account Number: 03197880

Sort Code: 62 30 53

Bank Name: credEcard


Contact details: 

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 07466850588 (calls free from Lyca phones)

Twitter: @ManchesterMiSol


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