Deputy Leader Amelia Womack visited our Campaign office and met with Gorton candidte Jess Mayo

21 March 2017

We were pleased to have deputy leader Amelia Womack visit our headquarters for the Gorton by-election. Amelia met our candidate Jess Mayo and spoke to volunteers.

Amelia said, “This byelection is a great opportunity as was we are starting from 2nd place and are the only party that Amelia womack and Jess Mayo at Gorton officecan beat the Labour party. Jess Mayo has a great opportunity to stand up to the Tories and their extreme version of Brexit.

I encourage all of members to visit the office or attend a weekly Saturday action day. It is crucial that we build on our 2015 2nd place and get our voices heard on issues from housing to air pollution."

Our headquarters are open 10am-6pm Tuesday-Friday. Saturday 10am-5pm. As we are starting in 2nd it is a great chance to get across the Green Party’s message on everything from Brexit to housing.

Please visit the office to help. There will always be something to do and it’s a great chance to really get involved and make a difference.

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