Rachael Shah - Why i'm standing in Manchester Central

12 May 2017

I've lived in Central Manchester for 6 years and made it my home, and even in that (relatively) short time i’ve seen the city change a lot.  

We’ve had fantastic growth with new businesses, cultural venues and institutions, but thousands of apartments have been built and sold to foreign developers; preventing local people from getting onto the property ladder. We’ve had a fantastic growth in the wealth of the city, but the homelessness crisis is growing day by day; proving that austerity isn't working and benefit cuts are harming the most vulnerable.

I’m standing for the Green party because I want us to live in a society where no one gets left behind. I’ve followed politics closely since I was old enough to vote and watched the Green party from the sidelines for the last 8 years and seen how they represent a progressive politics and are a breath of fresh air. I joined the party last July, as after the EU referendum outcome I knew I had to become an active member and help to play my part in shaping a better future.

Manchester isn’t an island, but our voice is powerful- and using that platform, and with your vote, I will fight for better housing, fight to get funding into our local and national health services, and work towards making sure our government guarantees a living wage for everyone.  I will fight for peacebuilding, not warmongering, and will continually challenge our government to scrap nuclear weapons.

We need more Green’s in government to hold our parties to account,ensuring we get the best deal for Britain out of the Brexit negotiations. We will fight to get young people a right to vote, and ensure they get a final say on any Brexit deal; we are building the platform for their future.

As someone who has benefitted from EU schemes such as the Erasmus grants and exchange programmes I’d champion the best possible Brexit deal we could secure and strongly support the ratification referendum proposed by Caroline Lucas on the Brexit deal.

Support for the Green party is growing every day. If you agree with us, let Westminster know by voting Green in 2017.

If you live in the central constituency and want more information on what our policies mean for you then get in touch: rachael.shah@greenparty.org.uk

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