A Thank You from Manchester Green Party

12 June 2017

Manchester Green Party would like to take a moment to thank our members and supporters personally for their ongoing support. Thank you for voting Green and thank you for contributing to the campaign. This General election may have been a surprise but your support and help wasn't.

Our candidates worked hard to get the Green messages and policies out. Huge thanks to Laura Bannister, Dave Jones, Dan Jerrome, Jess Mayo and Rachael Shah for standing up for what matters and giving thousands of Mancunians the chance to vote Green.

In Manchester people massively rejected the Conservative's austerity agenda coupled with a hard Brexit. That is a positive thing.

Politics is constantly changing but two things aren't:

  1. The support of our members
  2. Our commitment to making Manchester a fairer, more sustainable and more democratic state.

On the campaign trail one message was clear. Thousands of people are planning to vote Green next year at the local elections. We can make the Council bolder and braver. We can bring fresh Green ideas to the Town Hall. We can win in 2018.  

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