Manchester Green Party is made up of volunteers and activists from a range of backgrounds and areas of Manchester. Here you can get to know our current Executive Team and activisits - if you'd like to get involved at any level, please do get in touch.

Adam King (Chair)

I joined the Green Party in 2015 and have been an active member ever since; helping with the day to day activities of a membership led party and standing as a Green candidate in the local and national elections.

I am involved in the Green Party because I strongly believe that they are the only progressive party whose economic policies will bring around a greater degree of personal freedoms for our society.

Locally, I believe that Green Councillors would be truly beneficial to the citizens of Manchester; holding the Labour dominated council to account.

As a trained scientist and previous business owner I have a meticulous attention to detail which I hope will benefit the day to day operation of Manchester Green Party. Working with the Executive Team I hope to strengthen relationships with more party members through my time as Chair as well as developing new contacts, welcoming new people to the party too.  

Astrid Johnson (Secretary)

Arriving late to active political life, I joined the Green Party at the end of 2014, after the former leader, Natalie Bennett, was refused participation in the 2015 leaders election debate. I am an EU national, voted Green in my first election in 1983 in Germany, campaigned during the UK referendum for Remain and reforming the EU and I feel strongly that proportional representation would be a better and faire choice to reflect the changing political landscape. As a local party we are working hard on promoting innovative Green policies and winning council seats as a much needed opposition voice in Manchester.

After 13 years in London I enjoy living in Manchester with my husband and step daughter in vibrant Rusholme. I run my own design studio for the public sector, not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises and small businesses; as well as working part time as Development Manager for the Greater Manchester Law Centre – a local organisation fighting for free face-to-face access to justice.

Matt Schriebke (Co-ordinator)

I moved to Manchester from Huddersfield in 2006, 2017 and I'm still here 11 years later, and can't imagine living anywhere else.

I've previously worked as a writer and I’m currently involved in the charity sector.

Why the Green Party?

I've always voted Green as they always seemed like by far the best fit with my beliefs. I looked to the Greens and saw people who believed taking the steps needed to tackle inequality and climate change rather than just apply a plaster on to problems like other parties.

I joined the Green Party in 2014 as I wanted to do more than just talk about politics. I wanted to make a difference by getting Greens elected so that they can make a difference. In that time I have loved being part of a truly democratic party.

Arnold Spencer (Treasurer)

For 16 years I was a Labour councillor. I finally resigned from the council after my many attempts at getting a much greener transport network in Manchester were constantly blocked by the then leader of the council.

I became treasurer of MGP just before the busy period of the 2015 general and local elections and have been the treasurer since.

In addition to the work of treasurer, I have also been election agent for the Withington constituency, a candidate and agent for Didsbury West ward and been responsible for leaflet distribution for four wards in Withington constituency in the 2015 and 2017 general elections.

Stephanie Wyatt (Membership Officer)

I joined the Green Party in August 2016. After voting Green all my life I had never considered that the party would need assistance on the ground, for some reason I thought there would be a Manchester office with paid staff but I quickly learnt that the local party is a voluntary organisation which requires as much support as possible. I quickly switched from just a Green voter to a Green activist.

Eight years of experience in Marketing and Communications, currently at Keep Britain Tidy, meant that I was best suited to support the party in the Executive Team. 

I use my skills, experience and enjoyment of social media to manage these areas with Adrian focusing more on press. As with all members of the Executive Team I get involved in on the ground campaigning; phone banking, canvassing and driving people round during election time.

Adrian Brian Thompson (External Communications Officer)

I moved to Manchester in 2003 from Hull in East Yorkshire, and have lived in Rusholme since 2009. I joined The Green Party in late 2014 and have been actively volunteering since the end of 2016; now holding the party's External Communications role and working as a committee member of the Green Party's national LGBTIQA+ group.

I currently work as a Venue Manager for three grassroots live music venues in central Manchester, alongside running my own music and events business. Until 2014 I worked in the public sector with homeless young people and ex-offenders; helping to resettle and support them into independent living. 

I became involved with Manchester Green Party because I got fed up of yelling at the TV and I wanted to use that frustration to actively work for positive change in Manchester, particularly by shaking up the Labour establishment and helping get progressive, Green voices onto the council. In my spare time I DJ, run a small independent record label, go to lots of gigs and perform in two bands.

Chris Ogden (Young Greens Co-ordinator)

Hailing from Salford, I joined the Green Party in November 2014 and have been the Internal Communications Officer since June 2015. I have also served on the Editorial Board of the Green Party's official magazine Green World since September 2016.

I first became involved in politics due to my interests in social justice and electoral reform, having supported Yes during the 2011 AV referendum. I studied creative writing at the University of East Anglia and am a poet, copywriter and freelance arts/culture journalist. When not writing or politicising, I love attending gigs, running, and supporting Norwich City F.C.

David Halligan (Elections Officer)

I joined the Green Party late in 2016, shortly after moving to Manchester from Dublin. Although I had always supported Green politics, I was not really politically active before. However, since joining the party I have become very active, first as an ordinary member helping to deliver newsletters and knock on doors and now as the Elections Officer. 

In this role, I work on organising people to stand in local and general elections for the Green Party. This includes sending out call out emails to members, helping to place candidates in the best suited places and organising internal elections when multiple people wish to stand in one constituency,  Additionally, I help candidates to fill out the considerable amount of paperwork necessary to stand as well as knocking door-to-door to receive the necessary number of signatures from constituency voters. 

I am a member of the Green Party because I support their stances on a number of issues. Foremost among these is climate change and I believe that increasing the number of elected Greens is a practical way of making an impact on this crucial issue.

Vicky Matthews 

I crossed the Pennines to Manchester in 2007, and now can't imagine living anywhere else! I work in admin at The University of Manchester, and have previously worked in the public sector. I joined the Green Party in 2014 after after being a Green voter for some years. I'd been interested in politics since I was old enough to have "heated debates" (arguments) with my parents - I just hadn't realised it at the time. We called it "setting the world to rights". I started helping out as a non-member in the spring of 2014, having grown tired of shouting at the TV and radio, and writing angry letters to media outlets and mulitnational corporations (although I never sent them!).

I helped with delivering newsletters and then found myself knocking on people's doors to listen to their concerns. When it looked like the Green Party would be shut out of the election debates, I decided to join to show my support and bolster membership numbers - I feel its vital that our voice is heard. I realised that I would have to step up and volunteer my time if I wanted Green policies to be on the agenda. 

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